SPAC Automazione Functionalities

Main Features

SPAC Automazione is a very powerful tool to automate the design and creation of electrical documentation.

The Software comes with a full range of features to address every aspect of electrical design.

Project Management and Multi-Sheets

  • Management of projects and Multi-Sheets, without page limits, with full elasticity and speed of design and processing in sheets and between sheets
  • Automatic function for recovering drawings when opening

Symbols and regulations

  • Multi norm graphic symbols (IEC, VDE, JIC, Single-feed, Electronics etc.)
  • Fluid / Pneumatic Schemes
  • Graphic libraries Drives / Inverters / Modules
  • Suite of quick creation of symbols and redefinition on the schema of modified symbols

Multi Pole and Single Pole

  • Powerful and fast commands for multi polar and single-feed schemes design
  • Numbering of the conductors both in semi-automatic and automatic mode with the possibility to make the marking according to IEC 391 standards
  • Insertion of terminals and connectors, with processing of the connection terminal blocks (also including equipotential, distributors and multilevel terminals with management of metallic and wired jumpers)
  • Global and navigable scheme cross-reference with detailed diagnostics
  • Dynamic navigator to identify quickly the components on the scheme
  • Customizing and Completing Schema Data Using Excel and PlaceHolder

PLC Management

  • Graphic library symbols of PLC boards (2D and 3D) from the main manufacturers in the Italian marketplace
  • Design of PLC I/O based on a database and dedicated graphic symbols with import/export of the bits used
  • PLC drawing starting from a configuration or from an I/O list in an Excel file
  • Modular PLC Management with Rack

Materials Management

  • Association of product codes with Drag&Drop from the material database of the major brands in the Italian marketplace and fully customizable
  • Material database constantly updated and synchronized On-Line via SPAC Data Web (requires the Global Assistance Service)
  • Management of used components
  • Create Bills of Materials (BOM) automatically that can be updated with configurable outputs both in the drawing and files
  • Create documentation of the materials used in the project from technical sheets in PDF format
  • Use of estimated bill of materials before the design phase
  • Functions to quickly create custom material databases
  • Automatisms for the replacement of material items on the scheme

Automatisms and Automatic Controls

  • Setting the voltages on the scheme. In this way SPAC can verify the congruence of the connection.
  • Export labels for Components, Conductors and Clamps IDs to the most popular marking / printing systems
  • Creation of Components QR-Codes
  • Bill of materials for wires and multi polar cables
  • Creation of grouped bills of materials
  • Automatic and updatable tables: Sheets, Symbols, Functions
  • Electrical panel wiring table
  • 3D Routing of wires in the electrical panel to calculate the conductors' length with paths optimization
  • Control of the congruence of sections between Conductors, Cables, Terminals and Connectors

Scheme Table Manager

  • Drawing of single-feed diagrams with tables and output data management

Machine configurator

  • Automatic schemes creation according to the options selected on the machine configuration

Layout and topographic

  • Drawing of the external and internal section of the electrical panel with accessories
  • Assisted drawing of the electrical panel interior using Drag&Drop from the list of components to be placed on the metal plate
  • Automatic drawing of the pushbutton panel layout (front and back)
  • Plant layout in dual mode: Functional Drawing - Plant Layout / Plant Layout - Functional Drawing
  • Loop Diagram - list of the connection points (terminal blocks) of a component from the machine mounted panel to the main electrical panel
  • Panel Over-Temperature Calculation CEI 17-43
  • Drawing of the plate drilling scheme and interface with drilling stations


  • Export project data in Excel and import after making the changes required
  • Sheet revision management to save and restore previous project versions
  • Print and creation of dynamic and navigable PDF files with materials associated and links to On-Line technical data sheets
  • From the PDF to the Multi-Sheet DWG

Data exchange interfaces

  • Bidirectional data exchange interface between P&ID diagrams (ESApro) and the electrical scheme
  • Data exchange interface between the electrical scheme and the layout for cable length calculation inside 3D cable ducts (Cable Trays)
  • Data exchange interface with Cabling module for the design of the harness layout
  • New commands to see and open tickets on the Opera4SPAC Cloud System
  • New document management and deletion on the Cloud
  • Machine data consultation in the Cloud (IIoT interfacing with Ixon.Cloud and Opera)

Add-on Modules

  • Translator Module
  • Cables Module
  • PDM Connect Module
  • C4S Cabling For SPAC
  • 3D Cables Length Simulation Module
  • 3D PDF Generator Module
  • Opera4SPAC

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