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    SPAC Automazione 2024

    The high performance of electrical CAD
    increasing productivity for Industry 4.0


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SPAC Automazione 2024

The Industrial Automation of tomorrow with the new ECAD for integrated electrical design

SPAC Automation is the system that provides electrical professionals with an extremely complete and high-performance range of specialized modules. SPAC solutions address efficiently every issue related to the design of electrical systems for industrial automation.

SPAC Automazione is an up-to-date Electrical CAD Software. Each new version introduces a large amount of innovations and features that increase its usability and productivity.

In addition, through the additional feature SPAC Data Web, it is possible to check and update all the components in SPAC Automazione: find out more.

The new SPAC Automation

SPAC Automazione 2024 is the new version of the most popular Electrical CAD in Italy, which is increasingly geared to design for Industry 4.0.

Dedicated features for automation of procedures, interaction with third-party systems and detailed component management make it an indispensable tool for Industry 4.0.

SPAC Automazione 2023. The new version of the Electric CAD
Tablet on Wiring PRO

SPAC Wiring

SPAC Automazione's Web App for Assisted Manual Wiring

SPAC Wiring is the sequential display of all the information needed for manual wiring of the electrical panel.
Since it is a Web Application, it has the advantage of being saved in the network and can be run from any device connected to the Web through a browser.

The software uses the file exported from SPAC with the commands Internal Wiring Framework or Framework Routing

Drilling Station - DrillingTech

With SPAC generate the file with the mathematics to control the CNC machine

DrillingTech is the new drilling and milling station for container plates, switchboards and wardrobes.

Starting from the drilling scheme automatically generated by SPAC Automazione the machine is able to perform all the necessary processes to drill, mill, thread and finish non-alloy steel and stainless steel sheets.

SPAC Automazione Drilling Stations

Why choose SPAC Automazione

Discover the reasons why SPAC Automazione has been chosen by over 12.000 customers with more than 35.000 installations

Check out all the NEW of SPAC Automazione 2024

Advanced cable and wire management

Cable Module for SPAC Automazione

The Cable Module for SPAC Automazione is the program for the advanced management of cables and wires.
It is an extension of the working environment of SPAC Automazione.
Easy and intuitive to use, it is a tool born from the experiences in the field with customers operating in the wiring sector.

Modulo Cavi per SPAC Automazione
SPAC Automazione, flessibile e personalizzabile

Automation becomes flexible and customizable

SPAC Automazione can be configured and programmed to create schemes with automatic processes.
Here are some of the automatisms present:

  • symbols libraries expansion
  • preparation of Model Drawings
  • saving configurations and design project variants
  • effective Configurator with machine options management
  • customization of SPAC Automazione according to your needs

Interfacing with PDM/PLM applications

Thanks to the optional features of PDM Connect, SPAC Automazione is able to interface with PDM/PLM applications, making possible communication between environments.
PDM Connect for SPAC Automazione interfaces with Autodesk VaultTM and with the most popular PDM/PLM/ERP Software.

Applicativi PDM e PML, SPAC Automazione

The functional wiring diagram is the heart of the production process

Progettalo correttamente per generare output automatici

The best version of SPAC is with the Contratto di Manutenzione

Ottieni il massimo da SPAC: il contratto di manutenzione

The best choice for your SPAC Automation is the Global Assistance Service, the subscription service that allows you to:

  • take advantage of the most complete technical support service
  • have always the latest version of the Software
  • update constantly the component database with SPAC Data Web

In particular, SPAC Data Web, is the richest and most up-to-date repository of electrical components, which can be synchronized online directly from SPAC.

Ultimately, with the Maintenance Contract, SPAC will have exclusive features that you cannot get in any other way.

SPAC Automazione packages

SDProget offers three different packages of SPAC Automazione Software.

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