Il Modulo Traduttore di SPAC Automazione

The Translator Module of SPAC Automazione

Industrial Software for translating texts into electrical schemes

Il Logo di SPAC Traduttore

The Translator Module is equipped with a multilingual database already provided with about 1200 sentences in 7 languages. In fact, it is the ideal tool to replace the texts on the schemes with the translation in another language or to display the text in the original language and the translation.

The Translator Module acquires directly the texts on SPAC Automazione schemes, even those contained in the blocks attributes, and makes them available to the operator to check or add/modify the translation in the desired language. In addition, there are no limitations in the number of languages that can be managed.
The module can handle any type of language, even with non-western graphics systems as the product takes advantage of the extended set of Unicode characters.

Finally, new sentences can be translated while remaining in SPAC Automazione environment, or they can be exported to an Excelfile, translated externally, and then imported back into the scheme.

An On-Line translation service is available for customers with the Global Assistance Service active. This feature allows translating sentences in 40 different languages with a web service.

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