The importance of electrical cad design automation: 3 benefits


The importance of electrical cad design automation: 3 benefits

Have you ever focused on the importance of automation in electrical design?

In this article, we would like to examine the benefits of using design software to automatise the drawing up of circuit diagram.

As we discussed in a previous article on industrial automation cad design, having the right software allows you to: 

  • automate and simplify design
  • reduce the risk of human error
  • make the company more efficient

What are the main benefits of electrical design automation?

1.        Better approach to problem solving 

2.        Smoother workflow

3.        Easy configuration of products and installations 

Let's go into detail. 

Automation of electrical design improves problem-solving approach

Automation of electrical design improves approach to solving plant problems.

CAD software makes design automatic.

As a result, they support, speed up and simplify the design and maintenance of electrical installations.

This is because they allow the designer to perform calculations, but also examine, simulate, modify and create designs.

Professional software allows you to work with maximum precision because:

  • they have extensive databases of constantly updated graphic symbols
  • provide specialised functions
  • allow the generation of layered BOMs
  • offer an accurate visualisation of the final product and its components
  • support the designer in drawing up technical documentation

Workflow becomes agile with electrical design automation

The second element that underlines the importance of electrical design automation is related to the presence of a more agile workflow

What does it mean? Having a more agile workflow means that the workflow is smoother, more efficient and faster, but above all, the risk of human error is reduced.

Thanks to their modularity and multiple functions, professional CADs make it possible to customise design processes.

For example, SPAC Automation 2023, our design software designed for industrial automation, allows the creation of a customised component database.

Automation of electrical design makes it easy to configure products in electrical designs

Choosing to use professional CAD software for electrical design automation also makes it easy to configure products within electrical designs.

These CAD solutions provide the user with extensive and always up-to-date product databases.

For example, the specialist who uses SPAC Automation has SPAC Data Web at his disposal.

What is SPAC Data Web?

This is the component database update service via online synchronisation.

This provides the designer with an efficient and always up-to-date component database.

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