Basic CAD training for electrical designer


Whether you're a professional in electrical design or a student, we highly recommend enrolling in our free basic training. This training covers the fundamental commands necessary to kickstart your journey with our software.

Get Proficient with Professional CAD Software for Free

This training is tailored for newcomers to our CAD software. We provide training for all our software programs, with the aim of equipping every user with expert-level skills in their professional tool. Our training is available at no cost and on-demand, allowing you to learn flexibly and comfortably, at your own pace and according to your learning needs.

Free Online Basic training

Download Electrical Design Software in AutoCAD for Free

You can download the free version of our electrical design software integrated with AutoCAD technology. This enables you to evaluate the software during your free training and decide whether to make a purchase.

Professional Tool for Designing Electrical Installations in AutoCAD

Our electrical design software on the AutoCAD platform is the ultimate professional tool for creating electrical schematics. The basic training covers all the essential functionalities you need to efficiently work with the software. You'll learn how to create electrical diagrams, wiring plans, distribution layouts, and much more.

Gain Specialized Electrical Design Skills with Our Basic training

Electrical design is a highly specialized field that demands specific training. With our basic training, you'll acquire the skills necessary to maximize your use of our electrical design software on the AutoCAD platform. We invite you to enroll in our free training and master your professional tool.

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