System requirements

Hardware Configuration

Personal Computer

- Intel Pentium processor© or higher with SSE2 technology
- AMD Athlon processorTM or higher with SSE2 technology

Video board

VGA Resolution 1024x768 (minimum) with 16.8 million of colors
(Ultra HD-4K monitors are also compatible)

RAM memory

4 GB


For installation from DVD

USB port

For the Hardware protection key

Internet Access

For installation and updates online

Software Configuration

Operating system (32/64 bits)

- Windows© 7 Service Pack 1 (or later)
- Windows© 10

Web Browser

Microsoft© Internet Explorer 6.0 (or later)

For the AutoCAD Plug-In version

- AutoCAD© Release 2018 / 2019 must be installed and operating.
- AutoCAD© it is not required in the OEM version.
- AutoCAD LT versions are not valid for the program installation.


System administrator rights are mandatory to install the program.