Interface for the integration between the process diagram (P&ID) and the electrical scheme

From the collaboration between ESAin, Italian leading company providing Software to design process diagrams in AutoCAD environment, and SDProget, it was developed a bidirectional interface to exchange data between the process scheme (P&ID), created with ESApro, and the electrical scheme created with SPAC Automazione.

The Piping & Instrumentation Diagram (or P&ID) is a drawing that shows the equipment of a fluid handling/processing plant, the interconnection piping system and the instrumentation used for the process control.
On the P&ID design there are components (valves, equipment and instruments) that need to be included on the functional electrical scheme as electrical devices.

Using a graphic conversion database, it is possible to drag the equipment on the P&ID drawing directly into the electrical scheme with the correct symbol and all the information coming from the process diagram (code, description, material).
A bidirectional notification system allows the operator to keep under control the changes made in the P &ID or in SPAC in order to guarantee the automatic synchronization of the information; Component Name (ID) and any additional information.

The features of the P&ID interface are included in the SPAC Automazione and are not to be purchased separately

P&ID is an Interface for SPAC Automazione

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